Palmetto Industrial Products Solutions

We provide technical solutions for unique manufacturing challenges.

Palmetto Industrial Products partners with leading providers of products for static control, pneumatic conveying, exhaust systems, and more. Like us, our partners are all about helping you protect and accelerate manufacturing operations. In some cases, a product is all about loss prevention; in many other cases, products are about advancement. PIP and its partners move things forward with comprehensive, site-specific solutions.

Simco-Ion: Static control technology

Simco-Ion provides custom solutions for enhanced system performance and operation. Here are some Simco-Ion solutions:

Static neutralizing systems, including static eliminators (neutralizing bars and control bars), power supplies, and ionizing blowers

Static charging, including charging generators, charging applicators/bars, and perforation detectors

Particulate removal, including blow-off cleaning, vacuum cleaning, medical tray and parts cleaning, and contact web cleaning

Quickdraft: Pneumatic conveying and exhaust systems

Quickdraft pneumatic conveying systems keep products and profits moving. Installation and maintenance are simplified, and floor space grows. There are no fan blades in the material stream, which means products are protected and noise is reduced. Here are some Quickdraft solutions:

Material conveying systems for enhanced conveying of virtually any material, including paper, film, plastics and polymers of all kinds, nonwovens, fiberglass, rubber, etc.

Low-maintenance metals conveying systems for automotive, aircraft, or other recycling operations

Exhaust systems (with no moving parts in the exhaust air stream) for increased production with reduced downtime

Food conveying systems for enhanced food safety, easier cleaning, reduced water use, increased production reliability, and ease of maintenance

Food-processing exhaust systems (with lower maintenance costs and downtime), including ovens, microwaves, fryers, blanchers, freezing tunnels, mixers, and baking applications

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